Monday, February 25, 2008

Snow Day!

Ok so I'm a few days late with these, I'm a slow "get the pictures off the camera" kind of person. :)
We had our second snow of the winter last week. Got a whole maybe 2 inches! w00t! Didn't matter to my little guys.. they see snow and they get super excited! (what child wouldn't?) So here are some ever so lovely photos showing you all the action!! Oh and please note- this was Lukes FIRST real experience playing in the snow. Last year he was loo little, and the 1st snow this year he was sick. He loved it! Oh and yes.. I am a bad mommy- I couldnt find his mittens anywhere. He is wearing 2 pairs of socks on his hands! *rofl*

One of each of them. :) Then of course we all came inside and had hot chocolate and freshly baked chocolate chip cookies! (yes mommy is THAT good!) And topped it all off to a nice warm fire going! (yes I can start a fire!!)

I'll leave you all with a video of Lukes 1st experience in the snow. He kept trying and trying to walk up the ramp to the playhouse.. alas.. he never got very far. That sucker was slippery!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Send Cheryl to Broadway fundraisor!

Ok, brainstorm with me... how can I raise a few thousand dollars so that I can go star on Broadway??

Let's take a look at this..

Cheryl.. total drama freak... total "Renthead"... who never stops singing.. who would give her right arm AND leg to be in a Broadway show...

You know you all want to just throw money at me now right????

Please send all your paypal to cmintel @ (please take out spaces!) *lol*

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Our family is growing...

I know you're all saying.. oh my gosh.. is she crazy???


Santa and Latte! Santa is a Netherland Dwarf in a sable color. She has a white beard, hence the name Santa! (Matt named her!) and Latte is a Holland lop/lionhead mix. Isn't she beautiful!! Latte is sooooo calm and mellow. She will let you sit and just pet her on your lap for hours!! The kiddos are all in love too.. it's so nice having pets in the house!

Anyhow, just a quick post to annouce our new arrivals. Have to go get crabby patty into bed! (Luke! lol)

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Anyone want some free money?

Ok I checked and checked and checked some more. Did whois, and googled the names of the ceo's. I even found this article on USA Today . Everything is legit. Everything. It's hard to believe.. but it has happened before (I made a quick $125 from ING Direct when they first opened!)

So.. if you can believe things like I can.. then sign up here.. I HAVE the $25 IN MY ACCOUNT. It's there. It's mine. I can use it to buy things.

Anyhow, if you are interested, please send me your email addy. If I can send you a referral, I will get an additional $10 into account. You can email me at cmintel @ (please take out the spaces! I write it like this so spam bots can't link my email!)

Seriously.. it seems like a great oppurtunity.. a good $25 is a good $25 right??? Like I said, I made out like a BANDIT with ING and they are still around! (and have one of the best savings rates around!)

Just my little spammy for the night. I'm pleading- help me make some money to pay off my new serger! :D

FINALLY stocked my store..

It's a congo.. I'm in a "store" with a bunch of other people.. it's not just my own. I'm doing it as a side thing.. seeing how it will work. Hopefully now that I just bought a new serger (my old one kicked the bucket last week! wahhhh!) I'll get more done for next week. We stock every Thursday at 2pm est.

Please be kind! Please notice that the baby snoopy outfit includes THE most adorable newborn baby in it. (thank you Danielle and Kayden!)

Mom, I also listed one of the bunnys and sheep that I have of yours.. I'm hoping they sell! I tried to get nice photos.. but I am NO photographer!!!

Anyhow, just wanted to be spammy and show off. ;) Enjoy!

Sunday, February 3, 2008

I'm willing to bet..

I'll be able to find Giants stuff in Eagles country tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Undefeated my a@@!!!

Best. game. evah!

Friday, February 1, 2008

I'm a Giants fan in Eagles Country.

It's amazing how South Jersey feels like a different state than North Jersey. For the most part, I've had no problems living here... met some fantastic friends, gas is cheaper down here, the pace is "slower" than up North.

However, yesterday, I discovered one HUGE difference.

No one likes the Giants.

The Giants are a NEW JERSEY TEAM!!! (ok well technically they are the NY Giants.. but where are the located huh? huh??) I'm still in NEW JERSEY right????

I went to 4. F O U R sports stores yesterday in the South Jersey area. The first two when asked basically scoffed at me. "heh, NO" Meanwhile I see racks and racks of Eagles stuff sitting in clearance two feet from me. This is Dicks sporting goods and The Sports Authority.

The other two, were in the mall. One was some random sports/shoe store that had other jerseys. No Giants, sorry. Then on to Modells. They had little kids Giants shirts, and tons of Pats stuff. No adults Giants stuff. I was told they DID have it, but it sold out really quickly. That gave me SOME hope for South Jersey.. met another mom in there searching for an Giants jersey for her teen daughter. That was nice.

So today I'm off to travel in the pouring rain, further North into the state in order to find something to support my guys. I live in a house with 1 adult sized Eagles fan and 3 pint sized ones (the jurys still out on Luke which way he will sway!) and I need something blue and red! Plus the fact that the GIANTS are in the superbowl and the eagles... where are they? Oh yeah. vacationing.