Friday, December 28, 2007

More on Christmas Eve..

In pictures..
First the cake... I made this using a train cake pan from Williams and sonoma that I got last year. Cake decorations include white frosting with a flower tip, green frosting with a pen tip, lots and lots of m&m's and just gel writing pens (edible). not the best, but we had limited amount of time to do it. Matt helped with the decorating. It was fun, and they were a huge hit!!

Then the trying to get a group shot of 9 children ages 8 and under. Yeah that didn't go over too well. For your viewing pleasure- the mele... (please note- all 4 of my kiddos are in pjs made by me! I wish I had a better shot!! All matching, in Chez Ami red/green/white stripe knit! )

The fat lady sang!

Oh yes she did! We finally sold our house! Can I tell you all what a LOAD off that is??? We closed yesterday, and we didn't lose money! That's always a plus right?????? We didn't make as much as we planned, but all is good- we are not paying two mortgages, two water bills, two eletric bills etc. I can now enjoy our current dwelling and start on making it my own. First up- get rid of the ugly pink paint in the living room!!

Christmas went well, Matt got me a beautiful video camera and we've been having fun playing with it. Got some great pics of the kiddos singing Christmas carols up at my sister in laws and brother in laws house on Christmas eve. That was fun! Of course you can't hear them over my singing.. oops. I got a Karaoke machine from my dad, and an aerogarden from my sister! It's already growing some lettuce!

The kiddos had a blast- as usual we got too much CRAP. Seems like a visit to the salvation army is in order next month!

Anyhow, hope you all had a happy and healthy holiday and a WONDERFUL new year!!