Thursday, January 31, 2008

Nothing better than fresh grown lettuce in the winter!

In honor of my absent sister (who left me for Australia! Sheesh!) I made a nice salad. See, she bought me this nifty contraption for Christmas called an Aerogarden
I had wanted one for a while, but never wanted to pony up $150 for something that MAY work..

So anyhow.. got the present- yippee!! So excited! Opened it up and started my "garden" the next day! (12/26) Here I am today, already reaping the rewards! I've had fresh lettuce all this week on my turkeyburgers! Yum-o! It's not as hardy as regular lettuce, kind of thin for a lettuce leaf... but it tastes the same (when you close your eyes- sorry- song stuck in my head now)

Nice green salad... lettuce, tomato and cukes! Nice healthy lunch. :D

Here is my "garden". Its kind of wimpy compared to the aerogarden pics on amazon. It works though. The back 4 pods are salad greens, the front three pods are supposed to be cilantro (which never grew), basil on crack, and italian parsley. The basil as you see is doing very well. lol

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Chicken pot pie and I don't care!

Enjoy my meal with me! Free cooking lesson for all to enjoy! This recipe is a great way to use up leftover chicken you may have from a previous meal, or even a thanksgiving turkey! (and a HAH to my sister, who decided to go off and live in Australia for 4 months- this is her fave meal! *lol*) Lots of pics! Be forewarned!

Your ingredients- missing from this pic is the chicken (or turkey as I have used), butter and salt and pepper!) I swear I usually have real carrots to peal and everything- but the supermarket was out of regular organic carrots. So I bought baby organic carrots instead. Hey, a carrots a carrot right??

First, chop up some sweet potato, celery, and carrots! I have subbed the yam for a regular potato when I didn't have the yams. Aren't these pictures pretty? Vegetables are so beautiful!

Add veggies to a pot and cover with water and lid. Cook until soft

In a seperate pot, melt 3Tbsp butter

Turn off heat. Add 3.5Tbsp of flour and stir well.

Add 1 cup of half and half (I have subbed for regular milk as well, just doesn't come out as creamy)

Then add 1 cup of chicken broth

Add spices- a couple pinches of thyme, a few shakes of poultry seasonings, salt and pepper.

Turn heat back on. Heat to a boil and let thicken. Turn off and let cool.

Chop up leftover turkey or chicken.

Add some frozen peas to the veggies that are still cooking, cook for a few more minutes until frozen peas are softer.

Put pie crust onto pie plate. Yes I'm a cheater and used a ready made crust. Hey I have 4 kiddos, and it's a chore just trying to get THIS much done!

Drain veggies, add veggies and turkey (or chicken) to your sauce mix. Mix well. Pour into piecrust. Yum!

Put the second pie crust on top. Make a few vent slices. I usually cut a small circle (about the diameter of a shot glass) on top as well, and put a little pat of butter in the middle.)

Bake for approx 30 minutes at 425. Until the top is nicely browned. Voila!! Dinner is done!

What does my toughest critic think?? I think he likes it! Please ignore the paint spots on the wall.. we're trying to decide what color to paint our dining room!

You can alter this recipe to not be so artery clogging. Replace the half and half with fat free half and half. Use earth balance for the butter, a low sodium/fat free chicken broth. Make your own pie crust if you have the time. Add more veggies, subtract the meat for a veggie pie. It's SUPER yummy though!!

Thanks for sitting with me through this edition of "What's for dinner!"

Monday, January 14, 2008

Baby sewing!

I just love baby sewing. It's so quick and easy because everything is SO little!!
Check out the cuties I made yesterday..
One of my littlest sisters best friends is in labor as we speak. Their nursery theme is supposed to be "Peanuts" but she couldn't really find anything that wasn't JUST snoopy. So I managed to find this fabric and make up a couple of things! Look at the teenie hat!! Isn't it just sooo cute? Mock crosstop shirt, the pants I actually ended up making a solid black pair and gave that to her instead of the two matching pieces. (Going to have another newborn snoopy set for sale in my Hyenacart on February 1st!)

Then I made this absolutely adorable girly set out of my alltime favorite baby girl fabric.. my prized pink Lennon knit. I figure it might as well go to a deserving little girl whose mama will appreciate it if I'm not going to have another girl!!! This will be gifted to a very dear friend who operates one of my fave blogs Tabula Rasa She had a beautiful baby girl in December, and appears baby girl is giving her some tough crying times. ;) I have another outfit planned in my mind before I send this out, so I best hop to it!

Thanks for looking and indulging me!

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