Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Just stuff..

So Matt hasn't been updating our family website, so I'll just post a few pics of the kiddos for your enjoyment. I don't really have much to say this week. We went to the Discovery Museum today (like a "please touch" place) and all 4 kiddos had GREAT fun. What a awesome place for kids! Unfortunately I don't have any pics of that. A few weeks ago we went to Franklin Institute and saw the new Star Wars exhibit. THAT was a blast. It isn't all that often that you get to see the original models, costumes and puppets from the Star Wars movies! What else.. the weather has S L O W L Y been getting nicer and we're getting outisde more often. Sadly though, it seems the nicest days temperature wise, are also the rainiest.. Anyhow.. for your viewing pleasure.. pictures of 4 rambunctious, high spirited, whimsical, beautiful children!

Hunting for Easter Eggs on a friends farm

Star Wars

Face paintings after the Easter Egg hunt!

Faith and her new friend!


PMH said...

What beautiful children you have! They must take after their Nana!!
Even though you never call her.

Dad said...

Great pictures Cheryl. Can't wait to see you all on Sunday. Hopefully it'll be a nice day.

Lisah0822 said...

hahaha!! chris and james faces in those 2 pics are priceless. great pics!!! i LOVE that pic of luke in the window.

stacy122982 said...

Great pictures!!
I agree, I think that is an amazing pic of Luke!!

Lisah0822 said...